Homeowner Education

Berm in urban setting being prepared for sod.

Have you recently experienced construction on your road? As part of the process, contractors may need to establish new turfgrass. Growing turfgrass along roadsides, even in residential areas, can be quite challenging for a number of reasons. In Minnesota, the main issue is road salt. Salt applied to improve winter driving conditions ends up in the turf and can lead to the death of the turf. The turfgrasses along a roadside also experience higher temperatures and are oftentimes not watered or fertilized as much as regular lawn areas. Because of these unique stresses, the grasses seeded along roadsides are typically different from the species you might have in your lawn.

We have developed a series of lessons for homeowners to learn more about how to manage roadside turfgrasses. Watch all the lessons or pick a specific topic on which you need help.  These lessons apply to roadside boulevards, but also can help you with the lawn in your own yard!