Regional Roadside Testing - Results


roadside research plots


Our Regional Roadside Mixtures project found several interesting trends:

  • At several sites, turfgrass entry differences were not significant for turf cover or change in turf cover.
  • Alkaligrasses were top performers at rural sites in MN and NJ, but did not do well in MI, primarily due to poor establishment.
  • Perennial ryegrass entries were often in the top statistical grouping at sites in MI, WI, and NJ (urban only) but did poorly in both locations in MN.
  • At the rural site in NJ, only alkaligrasses survived through two winters, along with the only two DOT-specified mixtures that contained alkaligrass (see Regional Roadside State Mixtures).
  • Strong creeping red fescue and slender creeping red fescue performed better than other species at urban sites in MN and WI.

Individual site results (PDF files)

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